• PZT Powder

    Since 2007, Tcera has been developing and manufacturing piezoelectric ceramic materials for various applications. The materials from Tcera are characteristic of high quality, high uniformity and high consistency.We can also provide custom design of materials to your special requirements.

  • Piezoelectric bending actuator (bimorph)

    A bimorph actuator is composed of two thin panels of ceramic elements bonded together with a supporting material as its central electrode. By wiring these two elements in such a way as to make one elongate and the other contract by applying voltage, inflection deviation occurs conforming to the waveform of the applied voltage. Bimorphs are operated in d31 mode. We use excellent materials and design products corresponding to various application: Actuator for knitting machine, valve, fan, piezoelectric pump etc.

  • Parts Feeder

    Piezoelectric elements, in the parts feeder application, are to create very fine vibration. The vibration then to be amplified by the assembly of spring at the optimum angle to provide high speed and precision feed. This technology is best for feeding small or micro parts and parts which are magnetically sensitive. Piezo elements from TCERA provide high reliability and high transform efficiency at competitive price. Drives are also available from 90mm to 230mm bowl diameter.

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